Snacks Que Pican!

A perfect combination of sweet, spicy & tangy

  • Chili Candy

    Spicy, sweet, and tart! These candies are coated in a spicy chile lime seasoning and are really addictive and delicious to eat! They make for a great snack while watching a movie or having some drinks!

  • Chamoy Rim Dip

    Chamoy brings a unique sweet-and-spicy spice to savory dishes. You can put it on nachos, tacos, roasted vegetables, fruits, steak and chili. You can also dip your favorite drinks and take it to a whole nother level!

  • Authentic Mexican Snacks

    Mexico offers some of the most exquisite and delicious snacks. These variety of flavors, textures and shapes truly make it a work of art for the world.